About Mike McCode Jr.

Michael McCode Jr also known as 1BruhCode

From the west side of Orlando Fl.

Born January 15, 1994 To Tangelia Chambers.

A Former basketball player, 1Bruh's passion for music and his craft kind of shifted from one to the other after an acl injury senior year of college. He went from playing ball to writing rhymes like it was second nature. But even tho he was writing he never took the next step. That's until he ran into a childhood friend but more like brother who actually gave him a chance to put his music on wax. "Dave screaming yea yea until the picture clear " a line from single "Chapters" clearly showing my brother appreciation for the opportunity. But before that growing up, single mother , little brother in Orlando wasn't always so sweet. But things weren't always so bad either. Basketball kept 1bruh out of a lot of trouble growing up being that his initial dream was to be in the NBA. Even after the injury he trained up and tried out for a pro Canada league but then it was too late. He started working on his craft and realized the love he always Had for music just in a clearer view Most people ask what 1bruh stands for. One Brother Reaching Unobtainable Heights And that's what 1bruh aims to do while taking a step into the rap game

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